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We believe that everything has a hidden potential waiting to be revealed.

Our goal is for you to see your product’s potential by looking through our glasses. We accomplish that with our “sim-optimization services,” the perfect blend of technically-advanced simulation and optimization that will unleash the potential of your product … and your business!

All engineers at Lx Sim have special glasses that give them a unique vision whereby they make it their personal mission to ensure that your product is extraordinary.

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Field of activity: Transport

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Solutions related to ground, marine, and rail transportation

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Field of activity: Sports Equipment

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Solutions related to sports and protective equipment

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Field of activity: Entertainment

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Solutions related to entertainment and amusement park equipment

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Field of activity: Defense

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Solutions related to equipment for the protection and transport of soldiers

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Field of activity: Industrial Products

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Solutions related to mass-produced goods and their production facilities

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  • FEA: Virtual Testing Using Finite Element Analysis
  • CFD: Virtual Testing Involving Fluid Dynamics and/or Heat Transfer
  • Optimization
  • Design
Specialized simulation?

Lx Sim has been a reliable, affordable, and flexible partner and resource for our engineering simulations. Their numerical simulation and optimization services are a crucial resource for the development of our products. Whether we are trying to reduce the weight of a truck cabin frame or validate the integrity of a complex structural assembly made of composites, Lx Sim helps RMC deliver exceptional performance and stays on budget and on time.

Marc-André GRENIER / Technical Director, R&D

René Matériaux Composites Ltée.

Lx Sim has supported us for a number of years by providing structural analysis (FEA) and high-quality numerical optimization. The relationship of trust allows us to use the results immediately in order to develop our bike concepts and enhance performance. In addition to their efficiency and quick response time, they allow us to reduce lead times for the manufacturing stage.

Erick Auger, Eng. / President

Faction Bike Studio

Our collaboration with Lx Sim has allowed us to improve our design process, both mechanical and visual, with the use of their many optimization tools as well as their analysis of finite elements. Their expertise and ability to adapt to changing situations is an undeniable asset, a direct result of the quality of the employees who were assigned to us. The company's understanding of our discipline – namely, circus arts – has proved to be very important in the development of our different projects.

Simon Lemieux / Project manager

Dragone Studio - Architecture & Design

The engineers at Lx Sim have attended my technical course ‘’ Designing, Testing and Assessing for Survivability’’ where I cover the different principles, methods and guidelines for designing, testing & analysing components and system level survivability enhancements against mines, IEDS, EFPs, anti-armor, blast and other threats. I have also worked, successfully, in collaboration with Lx Sim for the realization of a large scale development project related to survivability. The engineers at Lx Sim have a very good understanding of the physics and principles involved, provide insightful recommendations and have a clear expertise for the modelling of complex structures under highly dynamic, blast and buried mine loading.

Patrick Gallagher BASc, MASc / President

Dyanalytics Inc.

The CFD simulation team was able to listen and propose tailor-made solutions that allowed us to proceed more quickly. The accuracy of the analysis provided data that were used to solve problems and finalize our design of the distributor. Their professionalism and commitment make them a trusted partner for our projects.

Eric Giasson, Eng. / Director of Product Development

GL&V Canada



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